12 Must-Have Items in Self-Care Boxes


With all the stressors people face today, it’s no wonder many are prioritizing self-care. Whether it’s as simple as doing something you love or buying yourself some self-care boxes, anything that makes you happy and healthy must be at the top of your priority list.

According to a survey, self-care helps improve self-confidence and increase productivity, and it’s a source of happiness. Physically, it can reduce health problems like cancer, heart disease and stroke. 

All About Self-Care Boxes

A self-care box may sound new to many people, but it’s simple. As the name suggests, it’s a box that helps you take care of yourself. The best part is you can also gift it to your family and friends. The box includes anything that’ll let one feel relaxed and refreshed, especially after a tiring day at work. The box is packed with all sorts of goodies to enjoy.

You can give this box to your friend or to yourself. It’s a small box that fits in a letterbox, so your recipient doesn’t have to worry about not being able to be there during delivery. It will arrive safe and ready for them to use and have fun with.

What Makes Self-Care Boxes an Excellent Idea

Many people are so busy with work, attending to their family’s needs, and more that they no longer have time to pamper themselves. Self-care boxes are an excellent way to remind them to take care of themselves, too. They can put a smile on someone’s face and make them feel important. A self-care box allows them to easily access what they need, like a book, journal, skincare products and more. By giving one, you make the recipient feel special and valued.

Don’t worry about what presents to buy someone because a self-care box is more than enough. It’s the perfect gift to give a friend, family member, colleague or loved one during their special day. Mix and match the items you want to include in your self-care boxes to suit the occasion and the receivers. For instance, you can give a self-care box to new parents or newlyweds and those who celebrated a recent milestone like a promotion or business venture.

The best part is you can give one to yourself! You can create your self-care boxes as a constant reminder to chill and relax after a stressful situation. 

How to Make Self-Care Boxes

Did you know you can make your self-care boxes in an instant? If you’re ready, look at the following tips on how to put together a thoughtful self-care box you can gift yourself or others:

1. Pick a theme

Thinking of a theme can be tricky as it involves knowing what your recipient loves, their situation or struggles, and their goals in life. Ask yourself what are their interests and the things that make them happy. Does the recipient love animals like cats and dogs? Are they interested in music or movies? Are they avid travelers or nature lovers? 

You can also base your theme on their needs. Are they always too busy to look after themselves that they neglect their mental health and physical well-being? Maybe they’re celebrating an important milestone like achieving their goals of finding a better job, getting married, or having a child. You’ll never go wrong by basing your theme on what matters to them most.

2. Make a list of items

Making your self-care box can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. That’s why making a list of products you want to put in the box is important. Again, go back to your theme. Use it as your main guide in choosing the most appropriate items. Though it takes time, you’ll find it enjoyable getting these goodies for them. 

The theme and the receiver’s interests can help you look for potential items. For example, for a bookworm’s box, you can include books from their favorite authors, a reading light, bookmarks, and more. Don’t forget to add a handwritten note or card to the box. You can be creative by writing an original poem, quotation, or words of encouragement.

3. Make the packaging attractive

It’s time to get artsy! Making self-care boxes allows you to be as creative as possible. Everything is up to you, from the wrapper to how you style them. You can have a minimalist or wild design. Use various materials like sparkling wrapping paper, tissue papers in pastels or eco-friendly materials. 

The efforts you exert in making the box are an expression of love and appreciation. It also says so much about what you know of the recipient. It’s a rewarding self-care activity for you, as it will give you joy and contentment.

4. Get ready to mail your self-care box

All set? Time to mail your self-care box to the recipient through your local store or delivery office. You can inform your special someone beforehand that you’re sending a “present” or surprise them instead. It’s exciting to know their reaction once they have received the box.

On the other hand, if you live close to the recipient, you can deliver the box instead of mailing it. It’s an excellent way to surprise a friend or family member with your sweet gift. You can give it to them with a bouquet or a basket of fruits or treats.

Must-Have Items in Self-Care Boxes

Is it your first time making a self-care box, and you don’t know what to put inside? You can make a personalized gift depending on the self-care you believe the recipient needs. You can also gift these amazing self-care boxes from Wildpier:

1. Wildpier Self-Care Box – Calm and Wildpier Self-Care Box-Wake

There’s no better way to care for oneself than to pamper the body with luxurious and effective skincare products. These self-care boxes contain everything you need to relax your mind and body while treating yourself to a home spa experience. The boxes include the brand’s bestsellers and original goodies specially formulated for all skin types. 

The Wildpier Self-Care Box – Calm contains a package of magnesium bath salts in the “Calm” scent which contains:

  • Dead Sea salt
  • Magnesium flakes
  • Himalayan pink salts
  • Organic dried cornflower and rose petals
  • Lavender and vanilla essential oils 

It also has a lotion bar with a “Sunset” scent of coca butter, almond oil, shea butter, and lavender and vanilla essential oils. 

On the other hand, the Wildpier Self-Care Box – Wake comes with a package of magnesium bath salts in the “Wake” scent. Its ingredients include:

  • Magnesium flakes
  • Himalayan pink salts
  • Dead Sea salt
  • Organic dried rose petals
  • Organic bergamot and orange essential oils

The “Wake” box also has a lotion bar in “Sunrise,” which contains cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil, bergamot, and orange essential oils. 

Regardless of their scents, the Wildpier magnesium bath salts have numerous benefits. To start, it helps reduce stress and induce sleep. It relieves muscle aches, too. Regular use can help improve symptoms of skin problems like psoriasis and skin dryness. 

Meanwhile, Wildpier lotion bars are plant-based and chemical free. They effectively hydrate, nourish, and moisturize the skin. 

Here are other goodies that come with your Wildpier self-care boxes:

Original White Deep Exfoliating Glove

This glove is 100% handmade using the finest fabric. The ancient weaving design allows you to exfoliate your skin most gently and deeply as possible. 

Luxe Exfoliating Glove

True to its name, this exfoliating glove is luxuriously soft and gentle on the skin. It’s an exfoliator ideal for children and adults. 

Ultimate Deep Exfoliating Glove

It’s the perfect glove to help you remove dead skin and other surface impurities. It’s made of plant-based fabric, which makes it soft, durable, and compatible with all skin types. The glove has a larger wristband for easy body scrubbing, including the face.

Deep Exfoliating Towel

This specially made towel improves the skin’s texture and complexion as it gently exfoliates. It can relieve skin problems like acne, scars, stretch marks and ingrown hairs. It also helps reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation to keep you energized. Further, the towel accelerates the production of new skin cells, leaving you with younger-looking skin. If you’re into fake tans, this is your new best friend, as it naturally removes fake tans and prepares you for future fake tanning. 

Pure White Konjac Face Sponge

The sponge is made from the Asian konjac plant’s root. It’s a gentle exfoliant for all skin types. 

Walnut Konjac Body Sponge 

This anti-bacterial sponge is packed with minerals and antioxidants and can be used as is.

Three-pack Of Wheatgrass Dermaplaning Razors

These eco-friendly razors are made of wheatgrass. They can remove hair from your face, underarms and bikini area. They leave skin feeling and looking smooth and allow better absorption of skincare products. 

2. Journal

Don’t forget to include a journal in your self-care boxes. It will encourage the recipient to document their self-care journey. It will also serve as an emotional outlet where they can write everything from their most unforgettable moments to the most frustrating experiences they have had so far.

3. Aromatherapy candle

Simply looking at a glowing candle can already relax the body. This is why throwing an aromatherapy candle into your self-care box is necessary. For example, a lavender candle has stress-relieving and calming effects. Eucalyptus, chamomile and vanilla candles are also soothing and relaxing. 

4. Books

Self-care also includes getting some screen time off. Nowadays, people can be easily stressed by what they see online. Be sure to add some books to your box. These could be books written by the recipient’s favorite author or something as simple as a book of poetry, positive affirmations, or inspiring stories. You can play it safe by getting a book according to your chosen theme. 

5. Art materials

Art materials make a fun addition to any self-care box. It can be as simple as a set of a coloring book and crayons, or, if you’re giving it to someone who likes painting, you can go all out by adding some brushes, pots of paints and paper. It would be best if you also considered giving a scrapbooking set.

6. Beverage

A self-care moment can be more relaxing with tea or coffee, so add some of their favorite instant coffee packets or tea bags to your box. 

7. Potted plants

Did you know that taking care of plants is relaxing and joyful? Nowadays, you can find many plants that don’t require a lot of tender loving care. This greenery can also brighten a room and remind your recipient of your thoughtfulness.

8. Homemade cookies

If you want people to show you care, you must give them something you made. Homemade cookies are just what your loved ones need, especially if they’re too busy to make them. They can also have these treats with their self-care tea or coffee while reading a book from your box.

9. Chocolates

Chocolates are very uplifting. They can improve your mood instantly. These ultimate self-care must-haves deserve a place in your self-care boxes. Many options are available, from nutritious dark chocolates to addictive milk and white chocolates. 

10. Motivational mug

A motivational mug makes a simple yet beneficial self-care item. You can use it as your go-to coffee or tea mug and be motivated with every sip. If you’re not into drinking beverages, you can use them to hold different things like pens, pencils, or jewelry. 

11. Essential oil diffuser and dehumidifier

These items scream comfort. They can fill a large space with a calming aroma and positive energy. 

12. Water bottle

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to care for yourself. That’s why a water bottle must be in everybody’s self-care box. You can take it anywhere, so you’ll always have access to clean and refreshing water.

It’s time to start treating yourself and others to self-care boxes. They are easy to make and assemble. You also have the freedom to put anything you want in the boxes. They’re the best present you can give for any occasion because they express your love and thoughtfulness.