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I love, love, love this product. I can't say enough about how good you feel after exfoliating with this glove. I've bought them for all my loved one's. The satisfying feeling you get from the rolling off of dead skin. To the refreshing tingle after you rince to the buttery soft skin afterward! Thank you!


It really works and my skin feels so good.

Deep Exfoliating Glove and Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge Bundle

This has changed my skin for the best! I can't wait to try the other sponges and mits

Wildpier™️ Deep Exfoliating Glove and Konjac Sponge Bundle

Love these gloves! I wish they were a different color since the white gets dingy quickly. Thank you.

Incredible product. Life changing for my skin. Have been looking for a product like this forever

I had high hopes for these products, but I haven’t found they do much for my skin’s appearance. I bought the facial sponge because the description says it will remove makeup without a cleanser - I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but after massaging the sponge over my face for about 1 minute, most of the makeup I wear remains and I still need makeup remover and a cotton pad to cleanse my skin completely. The exfoliating mitt feels nice, and I’m sure it is benefiting my skin in some way, however I bought it to help with the KP on my upper arms. I haven’t found any difference in the appearance of my arms after several uses.

Good product

Works well , but the strength of the textures fades quickly.

I've had my eye on this product for the last few months and was skeptical if it would actually work. I can confirm that it 100% does!! I followed all of the instructions, and sure enough, so much dead skin came off. It was gross & glorious at the same time. By far and away, the best exfoliating glove I've ever used. I'm going to buy the softer version for my face. I would absolutely recommend this product to friends and family.

Awesome exfoliation!

Make sure to read the directions on how to properly use this glove and you’ll have excellent results!

1. even after following every step tip and whatever else under the sun they suggest it will not get my dead skin off it will ONLY irritate my skin and make it red, it feels like sandpaper. You may be thinking 'well what if there is none there?' there is. because I can still see it and get it off with my nails.

2. Its overpriced. After buying the glove they posted a video about how often they should be replaced and if you follow that guide then you will be ROBBED. BLIND. and if you have an experience like I do, rest assured you'll be given NO refund and just be told to 'try harder' 'try this' with things you've already tried.

I'm honestly so disappointed because I really wanted and needed this to work for me and now I'm out money that I cant get back on an overpriced piece of rough towel in the shape of a mitt.

Have a good day to all, and don't buy this glove.

Wildpier™️ Deep Exfoliating Glove

My rosacea is so much clearer!

I’ve had rosacea on my cheeks for years, and always had at least a little bit of a flare up. I’ve used the glove on my face now about 3-4 times and my face is so clear! I can’t remember the last time my complexion was this even. And it makes my face sooo soft. So happy I purchased this product.

Obsessed with these gloves, they have made such a difference in the texture of my skin. I truly don’t know how I ever lived without this product. 10/10 recommend!

Horrible Dosent even do the job

Not the best I scrubbed and it hurt to do so got a little off but nothing crazy

Absolutely love this duo! So gentle but makes your skin so soft

Best thing I’ve purchased in a long time. The yuck I never even knew was on my skin until I used this. Highly recommend. My skin feels like butter and has never been cleaner.

Wildpier™️ Original & Luxe Deep Exfoliating Glove Bundle

Wildpier™️ Luxe Deep Exfoliating Glove


The best glove exfoliant I’ve ever used! I bought one a year ago and then fell out of the habit of using it for a while. I just got another new one and have gotten back to my skin care routine and I missed how good it made my skin feel I am so goddamn soft it’s amazing

In my opinion, this is just OK. I find that the mitt wants to slip and roll around my hand as I’m using it which makes it awkward. It does have a nice texture.

Love it!

It really does remove so much dead skin n and leave my skin feeling fresh and so clean! I’ve only used it a handful of times, but my skin is much softer after I do!

Mind blowingly awesome

Seriously. This unassuming little scrubby is a game changer. I’ve always had bumpy/rough arms. Like I don’t remember NOT having rough skin on my arms. But after one freaking shower my skin is SO SMOOTH.