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Sponge and exfoliating glove

I’d like a bigger sponge!! It takes me a while to get every spot on my body. But it does leave me feeling more clean! And the exfoliating gloves works amazingly.


This exfoliating glove is unlike any other exfoliate i’ve used. I fake tan and this glove makes prepping my skin a dream. I never have to worry about ashy spots or weird discolouration because this glove literally sloughs off all your dead skin. I cannot recommend it enough

Best purchase

This glove is amazing! My skin feels amazing after and I will continue to buy them and have told friends and family to purchase.

Best thing ever!

I was skeptical, I buy a ton of stuff, 90% doesn't work or not as well as they advertise. This! Not only does it work, it worked better than I could have ever expected. My skin is so soft now, I can't stop rubbing my legs. My son rubbed my arm and was like, it's so smooth. I think everyone should try these, just for the exfoliation alone. I am a fan and a customer.

Love Love Love

Bought this as a gift for my Mom as I love mine, no regrets. This is such a satisfying way to exfoliate!

Great product - glad I got it

I purchased this product sort of by impulse at a time when I was using a lot of chemical exfoliants to treat the keratosis on my upper arms and upper thighs. Super glad I did. I only have to use it once a week and I actually look forward to it. It's been about 3 weeks and Im noticing a difference in the smoothness of my arms.

Best Product Ever !

I have had keratosis pilaris KP (sometimes referred to as strawberry skin or chicken legs) ever since I can remember. I found this amazing exfoliating glove and my KP bumps are almost gone !
Before you question the validity of my review, this is NOT a paid review - just me sharing an awesome product. Added bonus - they are right here in Canada !

Wildpier™️ Deep Exfoliating Glove

Smoothest my skin has been in years

I have struggled with eczema and dry skin my whole life but over the past few years it has gotten much worse. I have tried pills, teas and creams and nothing has helped. I searched eczema on Instagram and found this product. Loved that it was plant-based, Canadian made and that the founder actually experienced eczema herself. After three weeks of use, I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. For the first time in years, it is smooth. Thank you Wildpier Beauty. Can't wait to try your back towel and looking forward to any new releases.


I have used the exfoliating glove 4 times now and my skin has never been softer! I do still have the little red dots from my KP, but the bumps are mostly gone. I'm hoping the red dots will get better with more time. I use the konjac sponge every time I wash my face and I absolutely love it! It is so gentle while also giving me a super deep clean! Highly recommend! Will definitely be ordering more!

Wildpier™️ Deep Exfoliating Towel

Best thing ever!

My KP hasn’t really gone away, but the itchiness I felt before using the glove has! I have tried so many other exfoliating items that usually just end up hurting and irritating my skin, but this has been pretty gentle and even my husband has been using it!

Ok exfoliating product

Bought this after seeing ads for it multiple times on Facebook. Was hoping for more dramatic results but honestly it is just ok. After 30 days I would not say I have seen a dramatic different in the KP on my legs that I was hoping to eliminate.


I was skeptical, thinking the advertisement was a bit exaggerated, but I thought I mid as well as I have KP on my arms and it was a good price. When I say the advertisement was accurate it could not have been more accurate, this glove has been a holy grail. The amount of dead skin that it removed was astonishing. I happened to get a horrible sunburn as well, and this glove helped so much removing the peeling skin as my burn healed. So impressed, will buy again and again.

A new you!

After using the towel and glove we felt physically lighter; like a weight or veil had been lifted from our bodies! Amazing products!

Best glove

I use an exfoliating glove already so I was skeptics about this. I couldn’t believe the amount of dead skin that was removed!!!

You Must Buy This!!

I can openly and honestly say this glove is one of the best purchases I've ever made in my life. I've spent so much money on scrubs that I thought were doing the job, but after using this glove, I can say I'll never use anything else. After using scrubs three times a week to exfoliate, I thought, how much dead skin could there be on my body? Well after my first use, I was BAFFLED! The dead skin was literally peeling and rolling off my body!! It's was so gross yet satisfying at the same time! It made my skin so smooth and have so much more glow to it, this company has got a customer for life! It also made shaving so much better with way less irritation and ingrowns so I definitely recommend it for people like me who had those issues!


Good works well only complaint is seems a little flimsy for the money not sure how long it will last. I will see.


Love the glove, my elbow and knees have never been this soft!!

Wildpier™️ Original & Luxe Deep Exfoliating Glove Bundle


I have servere lymphedema that has caused issues with my skin having flakes that won't scrub off easily and this is taking care of this issue with each shower. Thank you so much, this has been a good investment so far...

My skin is SO smooth now!

My skin peeled just like the videos the first time. If I use it weekly it doesn’t peel that much every time but still makes my skin feel SO soft and smooth. I also use paints/stains a lot and it gets even oil based paint and stain off your skin like nothing else.

Side note, they say not to use soap so your skin peels or exfoliates better but if your skin is oily, you can use a goats milk soap, wash it off, then use the glove to help give some friction to better exfoliate oily skin.

Glove and sponge bundle

Love love love these sponges. Only thing I don’t like is the Konjac sponge has a strong odour after drying. Other than that I love the results of both. Highly recommend