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So far I love it

Great new addition to my skin care routine

There's definitely a technique to getting it to work... skin needs basically to soak and steam but then not be too wet; when I get it right, it works well. I absolutely love the konjak sponge, provides the exfoliation I am after without drying my skin out.

Love it

Definitely my first time using an exfoliating glove and if in doubt the best thing that has happened to me was to start using it since I used it I noticed changes in my skin and more to having dry skin helped me a lot with cleaning and hydration. It feels like it removes dead skin and feels very good after using it.

Only used once so far but works exactly as advertised and my skin feels so smooth 😍

Love you the texture, gentleness

Hmmm 🤔

It only gets off exactly what you would wash off with soap and water ... doesn't rub anything off of clean skin.

Love it

I absolutely love this product. It gently exfoliates my skin leaving it looking brighter and healthier, it also feels softer, smoother, cleaner. Overall this product works great and I highly recommend it.

awesome body cleanser

I love how regularly using this body gloves leaves my skin clean and soft.

Best product

I am in love with the products I received!!

Doesn’t do anything

Works really well as it is described. Removes fake tan with ease as long as your skin and the glove is not too wet. Washes off easily and dries quickly. Great product.


Having being introduced to the facial sponge by my sister I purchased my own and I love my facial sponge so much that I bought 1 for each of my daughters and granddaughters. Thank you.

Definitely not as effective as advertised…and yes, I carefully followed the directions.

Expected same results as videos

I do feel my skin softer but there's no exfoliation like the videos. No skin residue on the glove

this glove has genuinely changed my skin and life. used this glove three times now and my skin has never looked or felt this good. 100% recommend to literally anyone and will be giving these as gifts in the future!! im obsessed

Excellent products. The mitt does a fantastic job of exfoliating. The sponge is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s incredibly soft but really cleanses and exfoliates the face. I plan to buy again for the women in my family.

I pay to much for something I can buy on Walmart

The hype is real

Love my gloves! I gave the second pairs to my bestie who was equally impressed. My skin is soft, smooth, and has noticeably less ingrowns/kp. These are a must-have to help keep me from picking at my skin.

Didn’t do as advertised

I had high hopes for this one but I did not see any results as you see in the advertisements. Perhaps my skin is well-exfoliated already but all in all, I will continue to use it. Happy to support a Canadian business.:)

Love it skin so soft and shiny

I love this exfoliating glove my skin is baby soft I use it once a week sometimes maybe twice a week I make sure that I put moisturizer afterwards and it has made my legs and my arms shiny and soft which is exactly what I was going for you do have to make sure you wash it when you use it at least once a week if you use it a lot because it will build up a little bit bacteria and then it'll make your skin itchy which they all do but this one isn't as bad and as quick to get bacteria as the others. Just throw in washer and line dry.

Exfoliating Glove

Absolutely l Iove the glove. My skin is gloriously soft after each use. Highly recommended for weekly washing routine.

Deep Exfoliating Glove

I was completely shocked (aka, a little grossed out!) by the amount of dead skin that was exfoliated off my body; my skin has NEVER felt this soft before and after only a few uses, I can see my skin texture changing!