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I was skeptical..

Especially when I saw the product. But then I used it and I was actually shocked how well it exfoliated. I’m hooked! I’ll be buying another one for sure.

Great glove!

This glove exfoliates!
Not like the video, but definitely exfoliates!!

Seeing improvement in KP after a few weeks!

Loving my glove! Can’t wait to use it every week and see all the skin flake off! I’ve seen a huge improvement in my KP and my skin is smoother too!


Quite surprised that the gloves actually works!! Holy!! And here I thought I've been scrubbing the right way!


Holy WOW, I have never been more impressed - the ads don't lie! I have fallen completely in love with my Wildpier gloves and I will never go back to another type of exfoliation! My skin is soft, smooth, and radiant. Wildpier also made my holiday gift shopping super easy, as I'm planning to gift everyone on my holiday gift list one of these.

Konjac sponge disappointing

The exfoliating glove works good enough. The konjac sponge was disappointing though. After a couple uses, it ripped so easily. Don’t think I would buy it again. Had to see what the hype was all about.


For me, the old skin does not peel off like the example videos online. However, this is a really helpful tool to break down skin build-up on the back of the arms. Kind of hurts and looks super red the first few times, but you get use to it and can see results the next day.

Helped reduce my melasma

I’ve developed melasma on my upper and lower arms for the first time in my life this summer. I’m 53 years old and it was really discouraging because it was so obvious and I didn’t want to wear short sleeves. I started looking into laser but thought I’d try scrubbing my skin with my Wildpier mitt, and to my surprise, the melasma lightened up and was even gone in certain spots. I’ve only done it once but I plan on trying again to see if it will continue to help.


I don’t typically write reviews but everyone needs one of these gloves in their life. I will be purchasing multiples to five as gifts because they are that amazing. My legs have never been smoother!

I am getting laser hair removal done and used the glove to help get rid of the ones that are sticking around. The results are like nothing I’ve ever seen.

I waited a while before I bought one and regret the time I held off. Buy one don’t wait!

Baby soft skin

I ordered a glove for me and one for my daughter. We did a spa day at the cottage. While in the shower, I rubbed my skin and was surprised to see the dead skin coming off my body. My skin was so soft afterwards. As was my daughter’s. I felt so clean. We both love our gloves💕

Love the glove but skip the sponge

I really like the exfoliating glove but the charcoal sponge is awful, it feels like it doesn’t remove makeup at all and even if I’m not wearing makeup my face feels no cleaner after washing with it. Love the glove, but skip then sponge!

I like it but

It didn’t work for me. I followed the directions but my dead skin did not roll off.

Glove magic

This glove removes serious amount of dead skin! I honestly could not believe I had that much on my legs and arms! Amazing

Love it!

I needed to wait a little bit more than 5 minutes before using the product, also the water needs to be hot enough for it to work. It really works well and I love it, I will for sure buy some more and try new products! Thank you!

Works, but only if you've got the time!

I have used the glove for a few weeks now and the first time I followed the instructions and I was very disappointed in the results. Nothing came off! My skin was slightly smoother, but nothing like the visuals on social media. A few times later I soaked in the shower for 15 minutes and the skin came off as shown. Please update the instructions to soak for 15-20 minutes. It's better to give customers lower expectations than to make them think the glove is a miracle and takes no time. Self care take time! :)

Works like a charm!

Surprisingly effective! Noticed a difference after only a couple uses.

It wasnt working and then it did

The first time I used this I was disappointed. I dont think I had soaked long enough in the shower and didnt have enough friction. You do have to push a bit harder than expected but the results are wonderful! I bruise easily and was worried about this causing issues but not at all. After moisturizing I am blown away at how smooth my skin is and stays for the rest of the week. I got this to help with my mild KP on my arms and after 2 weeks it seems to be helping so we shall see.

It Really Works!

I kept getting Instagram ads and decided to try the exfoliating glove and face sponge. I didn’t expect much as I don’t really have dry skin or other skin conditions but oh my god, I was blown away in the best way possible! My skin is the smoothest it’s ever been and I don’t get acne on my chest, shoulders, lower back, and butt anymore.

A special shout out to the face sponge. I have closed comedones so I do chemical exfoliation but my skin benefits from occasional physical exfoliation, too. This sponge felt smoother and lighter than the soft washcloths I was using. You can feel that it does the job and there’s no harsh scrubbing with rough materials.

I was a skeptic, I will admit

I bought it anyway, because I was desperate for what I call my ‘elephant skin’ to go away…. I cannot believe the results. Honestly, this isnt an infomercial review 🤣


I’ve never seen my skin look so good. I am so happy with this product. It does exactly what is shown which a lot of products don’t.

Holy moly

This took off a solid lair of skin


Love this product

The best exfoliating mitt!

Wildpier works just like their advertisements. I was astonished with the amount of dead skin that came off the first time I used it. Not sure about their claims of eliminating keratosis Polaris but I will keep using to see if it does.

Great for my legs

I have dry skin on my legs and I definitely felt softer skin after each time. There was a few times that I didn't see the dramatic skin come off but other times there was a bunch of dead skin! Definitely happy of the purchase! :)

My skin has never been so smooth

My skin has never been as smooth as it is now and it lasts for days opposed to other gloves that leave you smooth for hours then goes away. I love this glove and have sent my friends and family to purchase as well.