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Love it! Not just a regular exfoliating glove.

I have keratosis pilaris on my arms and legs. It causes deep ingrown hairs, and I've been trying everything to help. I have tried other exfoliating gloves, that feel more rough than this one, but they don't slough off the dead skin like this one does. I was doubtful my skin would roll off like the ad video, but it did!! I used it everywhere, and my skin was so soft afterwards. Looking forward to using it again and seeing the long term results.

Different than other physical exfoliants

Way better than other physical exfoliants. Helps with circulation. Still waiting to see if it cures my keratosis Polaris. Using once a week as instructed.

Amazing Product!

LOVE this mitt! Doesn't irritate my skin, but provides wonderful exfoliation. My skin looks so much better, and feels ultra soft.

10/10 I would definitely recommend Bc I’m a men who suffer from KP

Pleasantly surprised!

After one use, I am hooked! My legs and arms are noticeably smoother. I have not used the Konjac sponge since my face is super dry in the winter so will be looking forward to using that product. Great purchase!

Wildpier™️ Konjac Sponge


I finally did a proper soak tonight and used the glove for the first time. While it did not shed layers of skin everywhere, it did on my trouble spots and I was so excited I used it everywhere on my body - legs, arms, neck, etc. I can’t wait to see if my irritated bumpy itchy skin becomes a thing of the past!

Works well.

Good product not made well

I’d love to give this 5 stars because it does a great job exfoliating BUT my finger poked through the side within a week. I still use it though!

Great product

Great Exfoliator

Love this exfoliator. Definitely gets the job done and has my skin feeling super soft after a shower. & It’s better than any other exfoliator mitt I’ve gotten in the past. Would have given it 5 stars but I don’t get as much excess skin pile up that I see on their online videos. Hopefully, that’s just my skin and not false advertising. Just some thoughts!

The face sponge is nice too! I do notice a difference in my face after using it, however, I wish it was a little tougher.

Good results

I waited before submitting a review because I wanted to use it for a few weeks first. I am pleased to report that the glove works, my skin is noticeably softer and smoother. I also like supporting a Canadian business. 🥰

Softest Skin!!

I love how well this works! My skin is SO soft and my daughter’s KP was significantly improved after just one use. Super happy with this product.

It's so gross I love it!!

My bumps on my arms and legs are nearly gone and I love it!!! My husband can't keep is hands off of me just because my skin is so smooth. He loved it too!! Thank you!!

Little skin crumble rolls definitely come!

Was so glad to see that those skin rolls actually came off of me! I have had KP for about 6 years now and I could never get rid of it with Amlactin, KP creams from Sephora, etc. the first time I used this, my arms were SMOOTH!!! It didn’t 100% go away the first time but about 90% did! Looking forward to longer term results over the months!

It is great!


I have much smoother skin and a major decrease in ingrown hairs and KP bumps. Would definitely recommend!!


I cannot believe all the dead skin that came off of me the first time I used it! It seems like I have to rub in a certain direction to get the dead skin off, but it works! Hoping to notice less bumps on my legs after a few weeks using it.

Easy to use and my skin feels much smoother and softer

Exactly as advertised!

I have tried several other items but this one works! Very happy with it!


I normally don’t do reviews and just skip past it but I’ve never found a product that literally smoothed out the KP on the back of my legs and hips before. I’ve used glycolic scrubs etc and nothings worked as well as this. I’ve felt with rough textures skin for as long as I can remember now and I’m so impressed with my skin now and can’t stop touching my legs. I also used this on my elbows, knees which get so dry and calloused in the winter. 10/10 recommend!


I have eczema and have always struggled with my dry skin but this product has completely changed my skin! I was able to get smooth skin and was shocked by how much actually came off! My skin felt so smooth and not dry at all after!! I absolutely am in love with this product! Would totally recommend for those who struggle with dry skin or flakey skin!

This glove exfoliates really well!


This glove works so well. I will purchase more in future