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Fantastic product. I have been battling psoriasis my whole life and this has done a great job on my elbows I use it daily in the shower and after two days saw such an improvement.

Great product, exfoliates amazing.

Wildpier™️ Deep Exfoliating Glove

This really works fantastic for deep exfoliating and helps reduce ingrown hair. My legs have never been smoother 😍

I ordered the 2 pack of the normal and gentle skin one. Haven't used the gentle skin one, the normal one definitely does its job, it was a little rough so maybe I'll try the gentle skin one next but it did a great job and I love it!


Haven't noticed any helpful change in my skin. The deep exfoliating glove is a little too rough, which is my fault for not quite recognizing. But I'm continuing to use it once a week, as directed. The face sponge is, funnily, a little TOO soft to feel like it's exfoliating at all. Ah, well. I think this could be helped by future buyers with more careful reading about the different glove and sponge options.

I was so excited for this but it left me with a horrible chemical type rash - unsightly and very uncomfortable. I wouldn’t recommend this to an enemy.

Works well and quite durable .. price seems a tad high but not sure new to this product

Really works

The glove is very effective and I was able to give my back a deep exfoliation (with some help!) but the skin is much softer and healthier.

Best exfoliating product

I am OBSESSED! My skin has never been more smooth and soft.

Love love love these gloves!! Literally get so much dead skin cells off ( after soaking in hot water for 5 mins to get the skin ready) - no ingrowns since using this glove.


I had very dry skin on my legs and I had tried everything. This worked beautifully! My skin is very soft and looks pretty again. Thank you!

Definitely makes my skin smoother

I have only been able to get dead skin ‘worms’ off once since I recived the glove. Although I have used it multiple times now, I’m not sure if I’m just not using it right or what the problem is. But either way my skin is much smoother since I began using the glove.


Much better than the pouffs and gloves etc that are readily available. It actually scrubs off, though not in the manner shown on reels. I like it.

Best product ever!!

Love this exfoliation! I feel so clean after using and my skin has never felt so smooth! Helped with my KP.

Disgusting results and we love it. 😁 Leaves skin feeling baby soft and smooth. Look forward to keeping my tattoos looking sharp.

Excellent Product, Delivers as Promised

The Wildpier Deep Exfoliating Glove is a great product that lives up to its promises. The videos you see on Instagram are no lie - the first time I used the glove, I was APPALLED at how much dead skin was lingering behind and needed to be removed.

I also feel great about supporting a small, Indigenous-owned business in Canada. I highly recommend ordering more than one glove at a time - once I had used my first one for the first time, my friends wanted the backup gloves that I had ordered (hence, another order will be placed very soon).

Thanks, Wildpier - I love a small, honest, and upfront company that follows through on its sales pitch!

There are no cons to this glove! If you are someone who struggles to exfoliate your dry body skin, just buy this. It has helped with my KP soooooo much by allowing the products I use after to be more effective!! Like dry brushing in the shower! Great stuff.

Used my glove twice and LOVED it, however a hole started forming at the seam so I had to stop using it. Emailed customer service and they were very helpful and apologetic, and sent me a replacement. Excited to keep using it!

Wildpier™️ Deep Exfoliating Glove

This is my favorite exfoliating glove that I’ve come across. It leaves your skin feeling super soft and touchable.

Slick like a dolphin!

I mostly use this on my upper arms and shoulder blades. Sometimes I’ll use it (gently) on my décolletage. As soon as I hang the glove up, I feel my wet skin under the stream of water and it feels as slick and smooth as a dolphin! I do have to make sure to put on lotion afterward, though. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin, but also oil. Love this glove!