Wildpier™️ Self-care Holiday Box - Wake
Pamper yourself with the ultimate self care box to help you achieve luxury from the comfort of your own home. 

Wildpier's Wake self care box focuses on rejuvenation, with products made with uplifting bergamot and orange essential oils.

You'll receive the following Wildpier™ goodies:

• One Original White Deep Exfoliating Glove
• One Luxe Deep Exfoliating Glove
• One Pure White Konjac Face Sponge
• One Walnut Konjac Body Sponge
• Three-pack Of Wheatgrass Dermablades
• One package Of Magnesium Bath Salts In Our Scent 'Wake'
• One Lotion Bar In Our Scent 'Sunrise'
• One Hand-poured Soy Wax Candle In Our Scent 'Driftwood'

*With a retail value of over $200, all of our self-care boxes include free shipping worldwide!  Hurry, there's only 50 boxes available for this Holiday season!


What’s new:

Wildpier™ Rejuvenating Bath Salts - Wake (250g) 
Relax and replenish your body with this aromatic blend of magnesium flakes, salts and organic bergamot essential oil.

Ingredients: Magnesium Flakes, Himalayan Pink Salts, Dead Sea Salt, Organic Dried Rose Petals, Organic Bergamot Essential Oil

Wildpier™ Lotion Bar - Sunrise (60g) 
Simply hold the bar in your hand and it will melt on your skin. Rub and massage all over your body. A plant-based and chemical free way to keep your skin moisturized, nourished and hydrated.

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Shea butter, Almond oil, Bergamot and Orange essential oils

Wildpier™ Hand poured Soy Wax Candle - Driftwood (225g) 
Relax and enjoy the sensuous soft blend of cedarwood, green tobacco, and sandalwood that this candle brings.. Burn time = 50+ hours. 

Made from pure eco-friendly soy wax using a wooden wick that gives off a beautiful crackling sound. 

Our Best Sellers:

Original White Deep Exfoliating Glove 
Wildpier exfoliating gloves are handmade using an ancient weaving design that allows for a gentle yet deep exfoliation.

Luxe Deep Exfoliating Glove 
Designed for the even most sensitive of skin, our Wildpier Luxe exfoliating glove is our ultra-soft exfoliator that is gentle enough to be used by both adults and children.

Pure White Konjac Face Sponge 
Wildpier konjac sponges, derived from the root of the Asian konjac plant, provide a deep yet gentle exfoliation for even the most sensitive skin types.

Walnut Konjac Body Sponge 
Rich in minerals and antioxidants, Wildpier walnut konjac body sponges are anti-bacterial and can be used with or without soap or body wash.

Three-pack of Wheatgrass Dermaplaning Razors 
Wildpier dermaplaning razor handles are made using wheatgrass, which makes them one of the most eco-friendly ways to remove hair from your cheeks, jawline, eyebrows, underarms, and bikini areas at home.


Wildpier ™ Deep Exfoliating Glove Benefits Include:
• Exfoliates the skin naturally, improving the skin’s texture and complexion
• Helps to reduce acne, ingrown hairs, stretch marks, and scarring
• Stimulates lymphatic drainage which can help reduce inflammation
• Helps to increase blood circulation, leaving your body feeling energized
• Promotes collagen and elastin production by accelerating new skin cell creation
• Naturally removes fake tan while providing a smooth base for future fake tan applications

Wildpier ™ Konjac Sponge Benefits Include:
• Suitable for hypersensitive skin, including conditions such as psoriasis and eczema
• 100% natural vegetable fibers
• Can be used daily
• Vegan
• Biodegradable & compostable
• pH-balanced

Wildpier ™ Dermaplaning Razor Benefits Include:
• Perfect option for sensitive skin that is prone to acne breakouts after waxing or using hair removal lotions
• Gently exfoliates the skin
• Leaves your skin glowing and brighter
• Removes dead skin cells that tend to accumulate over time and can ultimately lead to acne
• Creates base for a smoother makeup application
• Allows for skincare products to penetrate deeper
• Enhances the skin’s overall texture without irritation
• Safe option for pregnant women who cannot use exfoliating chemicals

Wildpier ™ Magnesium Bath Salts Benefits Include:
• Magnesium baths can help to induce sleep and reduce stress by absorption of the mineral through the skin
• Aid with soothing achy muscles
• Believed to improve the symptoms of fibromyalgia, psoriasis and arthritis
• Excellent remedy for dry and rough skin

Wildpier ™ Lotion Bar Benefits Include:
• Low waste and eco-friendly. No more plastic lotion bottles!
• Concentrated moisturizer to help even the driest of skin
• Plant-based and chemical free
• Perfect for traveling


Our original white Wildpier™ Deep Exfoliation Glove is best suited for normal or thicker skin.

If your skin is on the sensitive side or you have skin conditions, we would recommend using our black Wildpier™ Luxe Deep Exfoliation Glove.

Both of our gloves can be used on children with adult supervision., however we would recommend using our black Wildpier™ Luxe Deep Exfoliation Glove on children as it provides a gentler exfoliation.

We always recommend consulting a physician to determine which products may be best for you.




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