5 Reasons Why Exfoliating Gloves Are Trending In 2023

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Discover the buzz around exfoliating gloves in 2023! Read on as we unveil the top five reasons why these trendy skincare essentials are taking the beauty world by storm.

If you've been scrolling through TikTok lately, chances are you've stumbled upon posts raving about the wonders of exfoliating gloves.

Skepticism often arises when something appears too good to be true amidst the sea of TikTok hacks and trends. However, when a hashtag amasses nearly 200 million views, it piques curiosity and calls for an investigation.

Are the extraordinary results and budget-friendly price tags just a marketing gimmick? Are they truly worth the buzz they've generated among the younger generation on TikTok?

Join us as we dig deeper to unveil the truth about exfoliating gloves and whether they live up to all the hype.

It's time to satisfy our curiosity and make more informed decisions about our skin’s health and care. Let's dive in!

How To Use Exfoliating Gloves?

To achieve the best results with exfoliating gloves, the key lies in understanding the correct usage. These gloves are designed to be used exclusively in the shower when both the gloves and your skin are wet.

For optimal effectiveness, it is recommended to make them the final step in your shower routine, allowing your skin to soften and soak beforehand.

Dry exfoliation using these gloves on dry skin is a big no-no, as it won't effectively remove oil, dirt, or dead skin cells and may even cause harm.

Instead, magic happens when you use them in the shower. Once your body is thoroughly soaked in water, turn off the shower, slip on the exfoliating gloves, run them under the water, and apply some soap or shower gel to your palms.

Now, gently massage your skin in a circular motion without applying any pressure—the gloves' abrasive texture will do the job efficiently without irritating your skin.

As for the frequency of usage, start with once a week and observe how your skin responds. Gradually, you may increase it to twice or thrice a week at most.

Remember, exfoliation enhances your skin's ability to absorb products, so after the shower, it's essential to apply nourishing oils or moisturizing body lotions for maximum benefits.

Top 5 Reasons Why Exfoliating Gloves are Going Viral in 2023

All that hype around exfoliating gloves makes you wonder if there’s some substance to it. Guess what? There is!  

Long before they caught the spotlight as a trend, exfoliating gloves had already won the hearts of skincare enthusiasts across the world.

The reason is simple —the impressive array of benefits they offer to our skin.

From addressing pesky strawberry legs to bestowing a radiant, even-toned complexion, these gloves mean serious business.

Let’s investigate all the factors that have propelled these innovative gloves to fame and popularity:

1. Offer Quick Results

As humans, we all possess an innate desire for instant gratification, which is deeply ingrained in our nature. Consequently, when we encounter a product that promises immediate results, we find ourselves drawn in.

This phenomenon is precisely what propelled exfoliating gloves to fame within a remarkably short period.

The power of brief TikTok videos and captivating Instagram reels successfully captured the swift and tangible outcomes of using these gloves.

From the moment you begin using them, you can visibly witness the dead skin clumping and rolling off your skin, offering a truly satisfying experience.

Moreover, the gratification doesn't end there. Once you step out of the shower, you'll notice a considerable difference in your skin's texture — it feels remarkably soft and rejuvenated.

2. An Inexpensive & Affordable Skin Care Solution

Who could resist a product that delivers exceptional results without breaking the bank?

Exfoliation is undeniably crucial for maintaining healthy skin, especially as we age. Surprisingly, despite its significance, there have been few effective mechanical tools for proper body exfoliation.

Enter exfoliating gloves — the game-changer that took the market by surprise, offering incredible value at an affordable price.

The revelation that such a valuable skincare product could be accessed so inexpensively left everyone amazed.

With their effectiveness and budget-friendly appeal, it was inevitable that exfoliating gloves would sweep the skincare industry by storm.

3.  Prevent Ingrown Hair

When hair becomes trapped in the skin, unable to escape the hair follicle, it can lead to ingrown hairs — a visibly unappealing and sometimes painful red bump on the skin.

The main culprit behind this issue is the hair follicle getting trapped by dead skin cells or comedogenic products, leading to clogged pores.

For years, both men and women who regularly shave, wax, or tweeze have endured the discomfort of ingrown hairs.

However, exfoliation has proven to be the most effective solution in preventing them, and exfoliating gloves have emerged as the top-tier product for this purpose.

By effectively removing dead skin cells, dirt, and product buildup from the pores, these gloves offer a smooth and clear path for hair growth, avoiding the issue of ingrown hairs.

The power of social media has played a significant role in popularizing exfoliating gloves, with countless people attesting to their effectiveness in preventing ingrown hairs.

The testimonies of millions have elevated these gloves to top-tier popularity, making them a go-to solution for those seeking smoother, blemish-free skin after hair removal.

4. Help Achieve Even Skin-Tones

Uneven skin tone may not be harmful, but it often becomes a concern for many individuals.

Addressing this issue typically involves extensive measures and significant patience to achieve the desired results.

However, there's a simple and effective solution at hand: regular exfoliation.

Exfoliation proves to be one of the easiest, most affordable, and most efficient ways to attain and maintain an even skin tone.

Its simplicity and effectiveness have drawn a large number of people towards it, contributing significantly to its widespread popularity.

By gently removing dead skin cells and promoting skin cell turnover, exfoliation works wonders in creating a smoother and more uniform complexion.

5. Endless Positive Reviews

The power of positive reviews is what ignites the hype around a product, and exfoliating gloves seem to be graced with this honor.

Remarkably, there are hardly any negative experiences about exfoliating gloves on the internet. Countless individuals have reaped the benefits of using these gloves in one way or another.

The closest thing to a negative review is a few users not noticing a significant difference.

When a product receives such overwhelming support from numerous satisfied users, its reputation is bound to soar.

The fact that so many people enthusiastically rave about exfoliating gloves only adds to their popularity, making them a trusted and sought-after skincare essential.

With such positive endorsements, it's no wonder that exfoliating gloves have gained a loyal following and continue to make waves in the beauty world.

What’s Better? Exfoliating Gloves or Scrubs?

Exfoliating gloves outperform scrubs and loofahs any time of the day. Unlike most scrubs made from hard shells that can create micro-tears on the skin, exfoliating gloves offer a gentler approach without causing harm.

Additionally, loofahs are prone to bacterial growth and may not be as effective at sloughing away dead skin cells compared to exfoliating gloves.

Exfoliating gloves, on the other hand, excel in their ability to remove dead skin cells effectively and effortlessly, without supporting bacterial growth. 

Their soft yet efficient texture makes them a top choice for achieving smooth, radiant skin, ensuring a safe and enjoyable exfoliation experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Should I Exfoliate in The Morning or Night?

Exfoliating gloves are versatile and can be used at any time of the day, but the optimal benefits are often achieved when exfoliation is done at nighttime.

During sleep, our skin and body naturally go into a healing and rejuvenation mode. By exfoliating before bedtime, you ensure that your skin is clean, free from clogged pores, and receptive to the beneficial serums and ingredients you may apply afterward.

Q) Does Exfoliating Remove Acne Scars?

Exfoliation alone cannot remove acne scars, however, it does support and speed up the process. If you exfoliate your skin and apply a vitamin C serum on it, the acne scars and hyperpigmentation will go away much faster than usual.

Exfoliation will also remove any dead skin cells that sit on top of the scars, allowing newer, healthier skin to emerge. Vitamin C serums and other skin-lightening serums and products will treat the scar more deeply, helping you achieve blemish-free skin within days.

Q) What Is the Best Exfoliating Glove For 2023?

The best exfoliating glove of 2023 is Wildpier’s Ultimate Deep Exfoliating Glove. The glove is superior to other exfoliating gloves because it is made from a plant-based fiber that offers extremely gentle exfoliation allowing it to be used on sensitive skin and even on children (under adult supervision). The glove is all the rave in 2023 and its reviews speak for themselves.

Get On Board the Trend & Invest In Exfoliating Gloves for Flawless Skin

With such hype and so many benefits, embracing exfoliating gloves has become a no-brainer.

Of course, with popularity comes options. The market has so many different types of exfoliating gloves to offer that it’s easier to get lost in the chaos.

We suggest that you choose a product based on your priorities. 

If you are environmentally conscious, have sensitive skin, or want gloves that are gentle on the skin, trust Wildpier Beauty to provide you with high-quality deep exfoliation gloves that are made with organic materials, are durable, and deliver exceptional results.

Our creativity and passion for skin care don’t stop at exfoliating gloves. Check out our best-selling bundles to build an effective and eco-friendly shower routine.