• Plant-Based Deep Exfoliation

Plant-Based Deep Exfoliation


Wildpier Exfoliating Gloves

Wildpier deep exfoliating gloves are handmade using 100% natural plant fibers that are woven together using an ancient technique.
When you use your Wildpier exfoliating glove, dirt and dead skin will visibly roll off your skin which is what make makes this glove such a unique exfoliating tool.


I received my product just over a week ago, and words can’t describe how amazing my skin feels. I live in a super dry city and couldn’t seem to find anything to help with my KP, discolouration, alligator like skin. Thank you so much for creating an affordable product that actually works.



AMAZING. I’ve used this and holy crap, it works so great and makes my skin so smooth and I have little bumps on my arms and redness and it takes it away. IM IN LOVE AND IF YOURE THINKING OF GETTING IT, GET IT!!



I've always seen videos of people in Korean spas getting exfoliated and their skin rolls off and I've never wanted an exfoliation so badly so when I saw this mitt I thought it was too good to be true!! It's not! It's true! Once you get the hang of it this mitt is incredible and when It does wear out I definitely will repurchase!


Great Product! Extremely happy that I received this product prior to being sold out. I am so happy to support a local Canadian business and family. I bought 3, one for myself and for one for my two nieces! We all used it and absolutely love it. We will never spend money on exfoliating products again!!
Many blessings to the success of this family owned & operated CANADIAN business.



Love it !!! Packaging was cute and the personal note that came with it. I love this product,works amazingly!!!



This glove is amazing. When I entered my 60's, I've noticed my skin becoming more dry. I never thought I could find a glove that could do this kind of magic to my skin. If only I knew about this glove years ago!



Wow! I'm super impressed. I'm embarrassed by what it got rid of but mostly impressed!



This product is so amazing.
I love it. Plan to buy more for my family. Well worth the money.



Was skeptical...but I love this product! You never know when ordering on the internet. We love this product so much. We are going to buy 2 more. 100% recommend the exfoliating glove!


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