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Love it! Leaves my skin super soft.

Great shower tool! I’ve used the Wildpier glove a few times now and am amazed at how much dead skin is sloughed off. Love the way my skin looks and feels after!

It felt a little rough at first, but after adjusting, I saw improvement with my skin. I’ll buy again

Wonderful exfoliating glove! Most effective one I’ve tried. Keep up the great work, Wildpier ❤️

This did nothing for me😕 I have KP really bad and was hoping this would help but it did not!

Smooth Skin

I am so happy with the results of using the gloves! My skin is much smoother. I use about once a week. I’ve shared my results with a few friends and one already is enjoying her results too!!

Wildpier™️ Self-Care Box - Calm

Amazing self care tool

I’ve been converted ! This glove was deep exfoliating and just like the videos I had skin rolling off my body. My skin has never felt softer and looks better. I usually do it in the afternoon every 10 days and I sleep really well that night. It is magical ! After I dry myself I use coconut oil on my skin.


I have just used the Wildpier exfoliating glove (the white one for normal skin) and am amazed at the results, my skin has never felt so soft and new. It really does its job without being harsh and tearing the skin. I love it!

Wildpier™️ Deep Exfoliating Glove

I love it!

Love this glove so much!! I’ve had some acne on my chest and it has cleared almost completely! Highly recommend

Doesn’t work well at all. If it’s user error, the process is too difficult to be worthwhile.

Great product

The exfoliating glove works well and leaves my skin feeling very soft. I removed 1 star because I'm still experiencing in grown hairs after using the product 1x week for 4 weeks. Overall, I'm still happy with my purchase, and would recommend it to anyone seeking a good exfoliating glove.

So far, really loving this exfoliating glove. It’s easy to use and made my skin feel so soft.

Gentle exfoliation without leaving the skin feeling raw

I purchased the exfoliating glove and the konjac face sponge, and when used as instructed on the packaging, both products worked wonderfully. Gentle, yet effective exfoliation. I usually don’t exfoliate as I like to keep my skin microbiome intact, but these products make my skin feel rejuvenated, minus the raw feeling afterwards.

It's a awesome thing I love it I'm waiting too order 2 more

I’ve used the gloves 3 times since receiving them, following the directions included in the pkg. I have not noticed any of the results demonstrated in your advertisement this far.

Loved it a little too hard and burst a seam!

Smoother skin

I was skeptical about these after seeing them on instagram for a few months. I decided to give the gloves a try because I was sick of having bumpy dry skin. Our skin is our largest organ and as I age I know I need to take care if it. I am so thankful in taking the chance in seeing if the gloves would make my skin smoother. I’ve only used the gloves 2x since ordering and there is a noticeable difference, so much so my boss ordered her own pair last week!! I can’t wait to see what my skin looks like after a few months!

It doesn’t work