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These razors are amazing. I don't ever want to buy another brand.

I am deeply impressed with this exfoliating glove. I want to buy more for my kids.

Does exactly as advertised

Leaves my skin so smooth 😌

This glove is incredible! I debated getting it for a long time wondering if it was just another exfoliation product that would let me down. I can’t believe how well it works and how soft my skin feels. Don’t wait like I did…treat yourself!

A high quality tool that I can use safely on my skin to remove fine hair on my face (agh). I used another competitor a few years back and I got contact dermatitis from it, so I’ve been scared to use one for a long time, but I trusted Wildpier and they haven’t let me down!

Absolutely love this mitt! It gets off layers of dead skin—it’s so satisfying. The face one is a tad soft for me, but I would definitely buy the body mitt again!

Absolutely THE BEST product ever for exfoliating your body!!

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My skin is happier than ever!!

Wildpier™️ Everything Bundle

I loved this product. I did exactly what it said it was going to do! My legs have never been smoother!

Loved this item! It did exactly what it said it would do!

These work amazingly! Will buy again, lifetime customer for sure!


I can't get over how great these are. I always thought the bumps on the back of my arms were a reaction to something (as I was told), 1 use of of the exfoliating glove and my arms are totally smooth.

I absolutely love this glove. It has helped with my KP significantly.

Didn’t work for me, unfortunately. Perhaps I should’ve ordered the white one, but I do have sensitive skin. Just not for me I guess. I gave it two stars because it’s manufactured well and seems like good quality.

Works pretty well

My skin doesn’t totally flake off like their ads show, but some days it exfoliates quite well and other days it feels like it does nothing

Love it!

Really loving this glove. Better than any exfoliator I’ve tried.

Skin transformation!

Love this product. Have been using for about 4 weeks now and I noticed a dramatic difference in the appearance of my skin. Very smooth and especially on my face—seems to minimize pores and makes my makeup sit much nicer. I use self tanner a lot..this is the only product that actually works to remove it off of those difficult areas such as elbows, knees and ankles. My skin feels much much smoother and soft. Very happy with this purchase!

Love the exfoliating mitts and purchase often!

My third order!
Love these
Have Skin issue that doesn’t have a defined treatment-DSAP, this really helps

Exfoliating glove

I’ve used the exfoliating glove three times now and am really impressed with how it removes dry skin from the body. It’s also helped with the uneven texture on my upper arms. The face sponge is soft on my skin and it’s really nice to use with just water when I don’t want to use a cleanser. I still have 2 other gloves to try at some point but I’m really happy with the products I purchased and the overseas shipping was quick. Xx

Follow directions to a tee

The first time I didn’t have enough friction and didn’t get results. I soaked in a tub without suds and saw results as advertised. I have pretty sensitive skin and did not have an issue.

LOVE it!

The promise was delivered!