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Works exceptionally well, I love it!

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G 😍

I have used the Sensitive Skin exfoliator glove and it has greatly improved my skin! It is soft, takes in moisture again, and it is actually soothing to use. I still need to use the facial one and the towel, but I am just so mesmerized by the 1st glove. 10/10 recommend (especially for thick-skinned and diabetic individuals like myself).

I bought the bundle this go around as I loved the first glove I got and wanted back ups...

Works like it advertises

Amazing it really does work as advertised. I've never been so smooth.

Does EXACTLY what it says it will do. In exactly as dramatic a way! Be careful on sensitive skin/moles etc because it will slough it right off. Make sure you do what they say with the wetting it and your skin for a while and not using product. It make your skin flawless after - and still shedding for a while too. Make sure you rinse off and moisturize after!

took so long to ship, and is just like every other exfoliating glove

Not sure if it is working like they say it will. It will keep trying it.

It does slough off but not as much as I imagined. I’m gonna keep using it though

Very soft and easy to use! I like it very much!!!

Worth it!

This little thing is excellent. I have skin like a lizard. I'm rubbing off what seems like years worth of old skin. Feel like a freshly moulted reptile now!

I love these!!! They help days after shaving and before I shave to get rid of any ingrown hairs!!!! And my son’s bumpy arms are better also!!

Used the free shipping that’s not trackable and it was delivered in 7 days.
It was awesome on first use, exactly as advertised. Felt a bit of sting upon rinsing off the dead skin cells.

My skin has never looked better. This glove is not like anything I have ever found and I will keep coming back for more!

Uhhh … didn’t work 😑

Great store

Loved it

They texture is terrible, think plastic scrubbing sponge from the kitchen. Will not be repurchasing.

A bit too rough on my skin

The only good exfoliating glove out there. The amount of dead skin that comes off is 😳

Absolutely amazing

This little mitt has been a life changer for me personally!! I highly recommend this product for ANYONE who wants to have perfectly smooth skin!!


Nice product, quick shipping

Meh - just a super scratchy glove not a miracle treatment.