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I usually don’t fall for IG ads but when I saw this ad for the Wildpier Exfoliating Glove, I was intrigued.
I bought 3 gloves and holy moly. I LOVE THEM! They really do work as advertised. I have never felt my skin so soft and clean before. I gave one glove to my mom and she too loves it. I am going to purchase more. Best IG ad that ever popped up lol thank you Wildpier!

Love, love, love all my Wildpier products so much! Using this product has improved my skin. I have never had such soft skin and Keratosis Pilaris on the back of my arms and legs is gone. I highly recommend these products. I also use the towel, the konjac sponge for my face and the razors!!

Deep Exfoliating Towel

Love, love, love all my Wildpier products so much! Using this product has improved my skin so much. The towel I use on my back and it has helped my dry itchy skin be gone! I highly recommend these products. I also use the glove, the konjac sponge for my face and the razors!!

Excellent Product

The first time I used this I wasn’t that impressed, turns out I didn’t follow the directions. You really need to take the time and soak in the tub first. This thing is AMAZING and it really works! Great purchase. I was shocked at how well it worked!

Where have you been all my life?!

Honestly. This is the exfoliater I’ve been looking for but never knew existed. I’m really thankful I found it! My skin is much smoother and has less ingrown hairs.

Maybe skin not bad

Don't see the results like in videos.

Your search ends here.

No seriously, your search ends here. Whatever you’ve been trying before this, throw it out, and get 27 of these. IF I HAD ONLY KNOWN how amazing these would be, I could have saved a ton of time, money, and stress about my KP. I’ve had KP since I was really young, so until a few weeks ago… I’ve never had smooth arms. Never. And now they are so soft and clear that I am EXCITED for short sleeves in the summer! The freedom one simple glove has given me is incredible and you shouldn’t bother with anything else.


Great customer service and AMAZING product!

Don’t give up!

I originally was going to give this glove one star because I didn’t think it was doing anything. It turns out I was using it wrong. Use it in long slow strokes about 3 times a week and you will feel the difference in your skin! I had keratosis pilaris on my arms and I can’t feel or see those annoying bumps anymore. I honestly can’t believe it. My skin is soooo soft!

Love ut

A client told me about this product…it’s every bit as wonderful as she described!!

Wildpier™️ Luxe Deep Exfoliating Glove

4 stars :)

The design could be a little more durable especially the stitching. But the exfoliating fabric was excellent it worked very well without being rough on the skin.

Simple & Effective

Say goodbye to that putty-like feeling of dead skin mixed with your skin's oils. Ever ran your fingernail across your chest to see that stuff? This glove sloughs it all off. I only use it once a week- and that's plenty. Has made shaving easier, and visibly + texturally reduced my kp. I also feel like my skin looks glowier and healthier- all while feeling nicer because none of that dead skin + oil surface putty. Gross, but real. Get this glove.

In love!

This is the answer to so many questions. My KP is finally improving. Easy to use, easy to clean, so happy.

Gifted myself!

Love the exfoliating mitt and the face sponge!!! Bought for a gift and gifted myself with them!!!

Wildpier™️ Deep Exfoliating Glove

it's good

I did have some notable differences in my skin after the first I purchased the blk sensitive glove for the bf. I would recommend .. great product

Works great - just wish towel were a bit longer.

Wow, I am so surprised by how well this towel works! The commercials looked too good to be true, but I thought to try it since it was on sale. WHOAH... I was so surprised by how much dead skin came off my body. It's gross, but so satisfying at the same time. Since using the towel, my skin has become smoother and brighter. I only wish the towel were at least six inches longer so it would allow easier movement (especially when used in a back and forth motion on the back). I have a small body and slightly longer arms, so it works, but the movement is uncomfortable. Thanks for creating a product that works amazingly!


These are SHARP! They do their work


Where have you been all my life? Easy to use and immediately helps. So glad to have this!

Wildpier™️ Deep Exfoliating Glove

Wildpier™️ Deep Exfoliating Glove

Pretty good

It was pretty good, the product technically did what it was supposed to do, but I definitely think there is some embellishments in the advertisement photos showing how much dead skin comes up. I hardly had anything come off me after using it in accordance to the instructions. So overall it was OK but definitely overpriced and over-hyped.

Amazing product

Works amazing. Love it