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Removes dead skin like nothing else

It works! I've tried scrubs, exfoliating brushes, sponges, etc. Nothing removes the dead skin cells like this glove. Worth the money. Would be a great, useful gift!

Once a week...on my fourth week now...

It's just as great as it claims to be. I did not shed a lot of dead skin (probably because I go to the pool three times a week) but all the little bumps on my thighs and the backs of my arms are GONE!

Great Canadian product!

Love the smooth skin after using Wildpier glove!

Exfoliation Mitt- black

Used this this morning on my face- gently. Skin is so smooth. Loved the mitt.
I have the white one for the rest of me. Wish it could be wrapped around me and automatically put on a spin cycle. I use the towel on my back. I think a back scrubber style on a stick would be great.
This company is fantastic to work with. Any issues have been dealt with quickly and in a wonderfully friendly manner. FYI the matter was my issue with computers not the product and even that they dealt with perfectly.
I would recommend the product and the company.


Love my exfoliating glove and his well it works!! Just ordered another one to give as a Christmas gift. Fast shipping too!!

Incredible results

Let me start by saying I never leave reviews, but I always read them. In late summer, I got an add for WildPier on IG and I almost bought it. But instead, I decided I would be more diligent with my washcloth by scrubbing harder and see if that helped to clear my flaky skin and KP. After 2 more months I saw this add again and realized I hadn’t seen any change in my skin from using my washcloth more firmly… so I caved and bought the Wildpier Luxe Deep Exfoliating Glove. And when I say WOW! I was so skeptical, but after 1 use my skin felt incredible, smooth, hydrated, clearer. I couldn’t stop touching the backs of my arms. They have NEVER been this smooth. One week later, after my second use I saw even more dramatic results. My thighs were less bumpy, the KP is going away! I am so impressed by this product. I also love that by purchasing I am supporting a small business owner. 11/10 ⭐️ If you read this far, push “buy now” so you can see the results for yourself.

Better than I could have thought!

This is the BEST mitt for exfoliating! I have told all my friends. I could never get my legs really smooth after shaving. I tried all sorts of scrubs and exfoliators, but after using the mitt my skin has never been smoother. It felt like it scrubbed away YEARS of dead skin. Seriously so impressed!

10/10 seriously

This product exceeded my expectations. The exfoliation I get looks identical to the videos I saw. Was not disappointed!


I gave these as a travel gift to myself and the group of girls. It really was a lovely luxury for our trip.

Game changer.

I have dealt with dry skin and KP for my entire life. I have never, ever had success with treating it. This glove has completely changed my skin. I couldn’t endorse it any stronger. Thank you so much.

Love this Modern Luffa

My skin is softer, has less bumps and the glove is easy to use, stays very clean.

I’m Incredibly shocked 😮

I purchased and white and a black mitt. I am in complete disbelief how much dead skin in on our bodies. My skin feels soft, no more KP bumps and the years of sun damage are fading. I recommend getting one especially for back acne. My son skin is clearing up. No more dead skin to clog the pores. 100% happy

Great quality

It actually does work!

I am picky about products I buy and rarely purchase anything based on instagram ads. I decided to give this product a try as a lover of self-tanner and looking for an efficient way to remove it. It does all of that and more. I didn’t fully expect to see dry skin sloughing off like it does in the videos, but it ACTUALLY does! Not even just the first time - I used it when I first bought it, then used it again a week later, and both times saw dead skin rolling off like it did in the video. Kind of gross, but so satisfying.
I also love that it’s Canadian and biodegradable - much better than the plastic loofahs I used to use every day.
Buying one for everyone on my Christmas list!

This is amazing!

I’ve been using the exfoliating glove for about 3 weeks now and my skin has never looked or felt better! This thing is legit and a game changer! Even my husband commented on how soft my skin is and asked to try it himself! Do yourself a favor and get it, you will love it! Don’t forget to buy an extra for your significant other!

First thing that's worked on the KP on my arms.

glove and sponge

I am still getting used to the product. It does not work as fast as it appears in the ads but I do notice my skin being smoother and little bumps going away which is good!

Amazing exfoliating glove!

I was hesitant to buy this glove at first but I love it! It’s really helped with lightening some hyperpigmentation around my underarms by removing dead layers of skin and it works really well to smooth out the bumps on the backs of my arms. The key is to wait until your skin has been soaked for a while then use the glove on almost dry skin so the friction removes the dead skin. Works every time for me!

My skin is so smooth

I’ve been struggling finding something that will get rid of my dead dry skin with all the exfoliating products I’ve used in the past. This was absolutely easy to use and takes away the extra layer of dry skin that I don’t want anymore

Insanely incredible product

This product far surpassed my expectations!
Saw it on Instagram and decided I would give it a try.

My self care!!

I love these gloves! I use them once a week. They make my legs so soft. You can literally see the dead skin in the bottom of the tub!! Thank you so much ladies for taking care of us!

BEST exfoliating technique, my skin’s never been so happy!

I saw the ad come up on social media and at the beginning i was a unsure as it looked too good to be true but gosh I was wrong. This is the best exfoliating technique I’ve ever tried. My skin’s never been so smooth and grateful. I LOVE IT and would 1000% recommend. I use it twice a week and it works amazingly. Make sure to hydrate your skin after. Will be buying more of these to gift to my friends.

This glove is AMAZIIING

I bought the glove with the sponge and it’s worth the money. This stuff does in fact remove the gunk from the skin when used properly. It will have your skin feeling so smooth.

Don't love it

The quality is not great and it certainly does not exfoliate and remove dead skin like the videos advertised. I have used multiple times and followed the instructions. It just irritates my skin and no exfoliation seems to happen.

Works Better Than Advertised

I love this exfoliating glove. My skin can get really sensitive and has never used a lot of products aside from soap and water. This glove never left my skin dry or any redness no matter how often I use.