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Work great!

This glove is so effective for removing dry ness on the skin and leaves it smooth for cream. I use it mainly on my legs and the treatment result is always great.

Luxe Deep Exfoliating Glove and Deep Exfoliating Glove Sponge Bundle

I saw the ads on IG and was intrigued by the products shown. I have more mature and very sensitive skin and any previous exfoliating product hasn't worked well. Of the two gloves that arrived and after trying both, I prefer the LUXE version, which was less irritating and worked more effectively on my skin type. I had amazing results, and the dead skin came off relatively close to what is shown on IG ad. My skin is far smoother and healthier in appearance now and I did not experience any issues with either of the gloves. The sponge was interesting, but didn't provide any exfoliating that I could see/feel. I would recommend the LUXE glove for more mature and sensitive skin.

Wildpier™️ Deep Exfoliating Towel

Wildpier™️ Luxe Deep Exfoliating Glove

Best loofa on the planet

I love a good loofa. I’m intense about deep cleansing the body. I’ve been in Esthetician for 41 years and this is the best loofa ever ever found.

Best self care tool!!

I couldn’t be happier with the results from using this glove. A true game changer that I will be telling all of my friends about. Thank you so much for creating this product! -Stephanie from Montreal

Deep exfoliation must have!!

I’m blown away by how amazing this exfoliation mitt works. I’ve always used a plastic drug store bought mitt thinking I was removing dead skin but after using Wildpier, I literally saw layers of dead skin roll off. My skin has never looked more glowing and felt incredibly soft. I’ve ditched the store bought fake exfoliators and am 100% hooked on using Wildpier!

Wonderful exfoliation

Exfoliating on a whole new level for me!!!

Exfoliating Glove

Should have got the sensitive skin glove, will the next time.

Exfoliates real good…too good.

I took a bath to soak and I started on my legs. Didn’t follow the directions there but it still did its job. Wasn’t ashy there anymore lol. I then called in my fiancé to help, he did places I couldn’t reach and that’s where he got the good stuff—the gunk. Then he wanted to try on himself, but like, that’s myyy mit… overall great buy!

It Works

I was super excited to use this exfoliating glove because of all the ads I had seen online. I didn't have results as dramatic as what's shown in the ads, but my skin is softer and I notice less ingrown hairs. Be careful when using this on areas of your body with hair because the exfoliating material of the glove actually buffed the hair right off (and I didn't want it to lol)!! I will continue to use the glove once a week to keep my skin soft and free from ingrowns.

Amazing product

Left my skin feeling smooth and soft

My fav self care product

What began as a gift from a friend has blossomed into a love affair with my new all time favourite self care product. These gloves are a game changer, no exaggeration.

Absolutely a must!

I swear by these sponges, I use them daily and my face just glows. When I don't use them I can see the difference. I definitely recommend these!

Its helping clear my bacne and KP!

I've had bacne for sooo many years now. Its still not fully clear but this glove is helping so much with removing dirt and dead skin which may the culprit for clogged pores! I use this glove for my whole body and my skin has never felt softer.

Best glove!

Love this little glove! Does it's job so well.

Still can't believe the results!

It did take a few tries to get the hang of using the glove, but the results have been amazing so far. My skin is noticably softer and smoother!

Wildpier™️ Dermaplaning Razors

Wildpier™️ Deep Exfoliating Glove and Konjac Sponge Bundle

Love a great SKINCARE!

GREAT for Ezcema! Psoriasis! - Ive had it for 15 years and this is a great way to tame it down if a flare happenes! I love that its vegan / with giner, teatree oil! love love love - check out my feed for more images @vegatravels Natalya Bogdan


It works !

Wildpier™️ Dermaplaning Razors

It works!

The gloves do what they are advertised to do. That's a win in my book.


The best exfoliating product I’ve ever used and it makes your skin feel fresh and new and so smooth!

Smooth, Sharp and Beautiful!

These razors did an amazing job shaving the peach fuzz off my face for a clean makeup base! These razors are designed beautifully, and feel safe to use. Love these - new staple in my weekly beauty routine :)